5 Candles That Will Help You Relax While Making Your Home Smell Heavenly

Sometimes, when you get home from a long day at work, all you want to do is grab a glass of wine, fill your bathtub with warm, soapy water, and light some candles for the ultimate relaxation time. Maybe you’ll read a book you’ve been dying to start or the latest Vogue magazine, but what you really want to do, more than anything, is unwind and forget about the worries of the day. To help you get to that level of relaxation, you should try lighting candles with certain scents that are known for alleviating stress. There are tons of scents out there, but we have figured out the best ones for your calm downtime!


Mrs. Meyers Clean Day$7

Lavender is another special scent that helps increase drowsiness and treats people that suffer with sleeping disorders like insomnia. In the past, it was used by the ancient Egyptians to mummify bodies, and then it continued to be used for patients that struggled with mental health problems and also as an antiseptic to prevent infections. There are tons of other health effects that are related to the smell of lavender like helping with headaches, calming the mind and the body rapidly, and improving your overall mood.

wax-oils 5 Candles That Will Help You Relax While Making Your Home Smell HeavenlyCucumber Melon

Wax & Oils$11

Although the melon isn’t necessarily known for its relaxing smell, the smell of cucumber has been found to majorly reduce anxiety levels. Because it’s so refreshing (think about that cucumber water at the spa, after all), cucumber has a way of allowing you to clear your mind and feel a bit rejuvenated no matter how much stress you might have been feeling before getting a whiff of the scent.

bath-and-body-works 5 Candles That Will Help You Relax While Making Your Home Smell HeavenlyBlack Chamomile

Bath & Body Works$21

Chamomile candles have a unique effect on the minds of people that smell them. Named after the Latin word for “womb”, chamomile is mostly used in teabags and sipped in order to relax your mind. However, scientists are starting to notice that when people light chamomile-scented candles, they they may start to relax and forget about their worries just as much as if they were to ingest the relaxing ingredient. In a way, it’s like a placebo effect – but one that happens to smell really, really good.

bergamot-mint 5 Candles That Will Help You Relax While Making Your Home Smell HeavenlyBergamot Mint

White Barn$23

Bergamot is not something that you hear about everyday. It is a distinct, citrusy fruit from Italy and, once peeled, the oil from the skin is extracted and added into certain candles. When ingested, it has been known to help with digestion and when smelled, it has helped people who suffer with depression by alleviating anxiety. This candle is a great choice if you have a certain night after work where you need to get some extra work done because the smell of mint has been found to help with concentration.

yankee-candle-cupcake 5 Candles That Will Help You Relax While Making Your Home Smell HeavenlyVanilla Cupcake

Yankee Candle Company$16

This may not be your typical aromatherapy pick, but despite the lack of herbal scents here, you can bet that this candle can kill two birds with one stone! Both the smells of vanilla (the most popular scent) and baked goods are known for relaxing your body and mind. People have found that vanilla helps your mind shut down at night in order to fall asleep faster and have a good night’s sleep. The smell of cake and other sugary treats triggers relaxation because of its familiarity. When people take a whiff of this homemade smell, they feel safe and relaxed.